It’s easy to study but tough to concentrate and maintain focus.  Even if you are studying for your CA Final or PH.D. and  cleared all the stages, it’s difficult to maintain the same concentration with multiple distractions around.

Distractions could come  in way of social media, boredom lethargy or simply not able to manage time or it could be combination of all which takes a toll on your concentration. Having said that, Top-Notch Tutorials based on their experiences have created a set of tools & tips which could help to minimize lack of focus & concentrate while studying to make your efforts to deliver better results.

  1. Look for great study area

First & foremost, you would have heard from all saying create an environment around you to study – that’s a great tip, all need to introspect and understand in their case what works best i.e. whether you need a quiet place, a coffee shop, your study table, jointly with a few friends whom you could question when required – therefore find that suits your style & enhances output and stay in that zone.

Tip: Make sure the study area is well lit, ideally use a proper chair & table, and have a straight posture while studying, ideally avoiding sitting in bed.

  1. Incentivize yourself

This approach will always work – make small milestones in studies, which prepare you take this approach in your long term career too. On every milestone achieved, for instance complete 2

Maths chapters in a day with clearance of a test paper calls for an ice cream break or short YouTube break – that helps you motivated & being focused.

  1. Avoid overload but balanced approach

It’s always overwhelming while preparing for exams and you end up burning yourself with loads of stress being undertaken for exams. We always advise our students to not overstress but maintain small sessions of impactful studies with proper breaks in between to keep you fresh & free of any pressure for exams.

For instance, take app. 10 minutes break after every one hour focused study session, this will help you keep your body and mind fresh.

  1. Meditation will always help

We in Top-Notch tutorials focus highly on meditation & yoga – it’s has been adopted globally by major institutes and corporate to help people build strong concentration. This should be adopted by students who spare a few minutes in a day to meditate and enhance their focus while studying.

  1. Exercise – Follow healthy regime

Multiple researches have proven the importance of regular exercise on body & mind – it has direct impact on your concentration and focus. Even short bursts of exercise in a day could help increase flow of blood to your brain which improves your focus.

Back that up with proper sleep and food which helps you stay on top of your regular studies regime.


It’s always a big ask to maintain concentration while studying with our minds wandering and feeling distracted with things going around us, in external world, inside us, subject preparation, friends and so on. But there are proven tips & techniques to improve your focus while studying which if adopted well could help in getting amazing results – in terms of output and exam score.

We encourage students to approach Top-Notch faculty & management team to further discuss and understand how they could maximize output, maintaining high concentration.

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