Why Choose Top-Notch Tutorials

  • 18 Certified Teachers

    25 + Certified Teachers

    Get the best coaching classes in Dwarka from the top teachers who pays personal attention to students

  • 1,000 + Successful Students

    1,000 + Successful Students

    Have consistently helped students to be successful in their courses and exams

  • 20 + Subjects Covered

    20 + Subjects Covered

    Almost all subjects covered by the home tutor in Dwarka to bring out the best in every student

  • 3 Awards Won

    3 Awards Won

    One of the most reputed and trusted coaching centre that have won accolades for its contribution to merit

Why Choose Top-Notch Tutorials

Spoken English Classes in Dwarka

At Top Notch Tutorials, we run one of the most renowned spoken English classes in Dwarka. Our track record boasts of over 1,000 students who have learnt from us and have gone ahead to be successful in their exams and careers. With a strong team of 25+ certified teachers, we work hard to ensure the success of our students.

Our long-standing experience in running an English-speaking institute in Dwarka has given us the ability to carefully understand the specific requirements of each student and help them overcome their challenges. Plus, we do this while ensuring that our classes are full of fun and interactive learning experiences. This way, we keep our students motivated and focused towards bettering themselves.

We have curated special courses for adults looking to be more proficient in English. With us, you can choose to focus on your communication skills, an English test or an overall improvement in your spoken English. No matter what you are looking to learn, with Top Notch Tutorials, you can find a course that is just right for you.

Our new English-speaking course in Dwarka has been specifically designed to enhance your English communication skills. We will help develop your speaking skills with better pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. We will also work on your listening skills to ensure improved comprehension. All this learning will drastically improve the effectiveness of your communication in personal and professional situations.

Do you need a Spoken English Course?

To succeed professionally in today’s highly competitive world, having industry-specific knowledge and experience is not enough. While you need proficiency and skills related to your work, you also need to have good communication skills.

Without the ability to speak fluently and confidently in English, you may be struggling at your workplace. You may have brilliant ideas to share that would contribute to the company’s growth. But because of a lack of confidence in your communication skills, you may be keeping these thoughts to yourself.

We feel it is high time for you to overcome this barrier of communication skills so that you can achieve the professional success that you are meant for. If you really want to succeed professionally but are facing the challenges we mentioned, join us for a trial class of our English-speaking course in Dwarka Sector 7. See the difference it can make and then decide for yourself!

Improve your English Communication skills for
an Improved Personality!

By joining Top Notch Institute’s English classes in Dwarka, you won’t just get better at English communication. Our courses are designed to help students enhance their overall personality. We will teach you everything from the basics of grammar to public speaking skills to overall personality development.

With our course, you can get a jumpstart to the next phase of your career by learning better communication and improving your personality.

Advantages of Joining Our Spoken English Class

  • Boost your confidence for public interactions
  • Get personal learning assistance in classes
  • Participate in the Q&A at the end of every class to check your knowledge
  • Excel at interviews with confidence
  • Get better with pronunciation and build your vocabulary
  • Enhance your skills in English reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Get your personality groomed and impress people

Our Course Offerings

At Top-Notch Tutorials, we specialize in building foundation years and concepts of the students to support in preparing for bigger tests in life. Our faculty specialize in teaching across IX to XII class.

Come and explore the world of difference to become a top-notch student.

  • Comprehensions.
  • Details of grammar topics.
  • Simple discussion on topics given.
  • Pronouns and adjectives.
  • On spot simple topics.
  • Translation of video clip.
  • Debates.
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  • Exceptional activities to build confidence.
  • Tenses (In depth) with activities.
  • Group discussion. Interview Tips.
  • Mock interviews/practice interviews Speech on given topic.
  • Debates.
  • Word building and vocabulary building.
  • Viva assessment.
  • Story Narration.
  • Video Narration Conversation activities.
  • Intermediate book is been provided
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  • Presenting oneself.
  • The course provides -Advance grammar with vocabulary with skills.
  • Accent skills.
  • English magazines & Newspaper reading Focusing on personality development.
  • Interview skills Books are provided with exercises.
  • Watching English movies and translating them.
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Achieving Academic Excellence with Personalized Attention

We offer personalized attention to all of our students. This means that we tailor the lessons to each student's individual needs. We also provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to help students who are struggling. This ensures that all of our students have the opportunity to succeed.

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Certified Teachers

Our 'Best in class' faculty is highly qualified, experienced and proven with amazing student results.

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'Best in class' infrastructure in terms of online technology, classes, smart boards, and facilities.

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Explore 'Best in class' student management system and mobile app for online live & recorded lectures/assignments/online test etc., trusted by top coaching institutes in India & Middle East.

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Ease of Access

Our faculty has maintained ease of access where students could approach us anytime – even after the course classes are over for doubts and extra support.

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Top-Notch Tutorials

Top-Notch Tutorials is a trusted yet dynamic brand which has been supporting students over the past years to prepare them for chasing their career aspirations and come out with flying colours. Top-Notch has a legacy of teaming up with students and their parents and has proven success rate in meeting student's aspirations.

The institute is run by Mr. Pankaj Gaur, a young, highly qualified and committed visionary trying to disrupt the coaching industry for the good of students.

We believe in making studies stress free by focusing on building concepts of the students from a tender age and early classes, which is reflected in our long term vision and mission also.

Online & Home Tuitions

Top-Notch Tutorials follow a unique integration pattern with students/ parents and provide both Online & Home Tuitions in addition to the regular classes.
Under our online or home tuitions classes we provide best tutors at your door steps for subjects across class I to XII – forging an environment where best of the teaching talent reaches students; and keeping convenience in mind both can connect face-to-face, or online through our technology platforms globally.

Our Faculty

Top-Notch Tutorials has experienced and well qualified faculty and staff working closely with all the students to help them not just prepare for their academic exams, but for the bigger life challenges.

Our Differentiators

Top-Notch Tutorials, as the name suggests want to be top class in what we serve across education industry, with below being our major differentiators among active coaching institutes in the Dwarka/Delhi NCR market

Experienced & Stable Faculty

We have 'best in class' faculty across all subjects who like to collaborate with kids to understand their level and work together in order to achieve best results.

We Don't Charge for shaping careers

We have cultivated an approach where we encourage students (regardless of any institute they may be studying in!) to come to us for any support – our faculty will be there. We take pride in this!

Alternate Learning Mechanisms

In addition to good faculty and study material, it’s important to build ways that students are able to grasp all that is being taught and remember that. Our experience shows photo-memory is the best way to tackle this and therefore at Top-Notch we resort to different multi-medias to make it easy for the students to grasp, understand, and remember – while making it more fun and stress free.

Command over Syllabus and Course

We have a high degree of command over syllabus and the course completion ensures students stick to their plans and timetable and leave them ample time for the last moment to run exams for revisions.

Comprehensive Study Material

In our course preparations, it’s imperative to have a good and detailed, yet easy to comprehend study material. That forms a back-up to the in-person classes that a student attends. At Top-Notch, we pay special emphasis on providing that edge through creating/ sharing apt and comprehensive study material enabling students to have strong reference material for great results.

Offer ‘Best in Class’ Technology

In this ever changing world with technology seeping in everywhere, we have partnered with ‘best in class’ technology players to give our students a unique experience through our student management system & mobile application.

That helps students/ parents stay on top of what’s happening in the class and give extra in everything – from study material to daily tips for preparation in golden years.


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