Board exams for both X and XII will commence in the last week of February and go on till late March, 2020. This is the time when children around India start preparing for their final lap of preparations before taking the most awaited, and for some unfortunate reasons, feared exams.

As a coaching institute and part of the education fraternity, we always ask our students to spell out what they are feeling about the board exams, how they are preparing, what extra/ additional they are doing and so on – we said unfortunate earlier, since we always feel, fear & anxiety is noticed more in our discussions than preparations. This comes from the fact that students are always fed on  the notion that boards are tough, you will struggle, it needs special attention & preparations and so on.

Our simple request to all our students/ their parents and our keen followers is not to take boards any differently & just prepare normally to avoid undue confusion & stress. Rather, focus on five tips given below which shall help students shine in boards:

    1 . Start early & follow a balanced  time table for studies. By balanced we mean

     i.  Split the hours/days between each subject – refer to our earlier blogs

( for managing subjects time

    ii.  Balance between school, coaching & self study .

    iii. Balance out sports, exercise and studies, which is equally important to keep it normal

  1. Follow syllabus of NCERT and back it up with prescribed help books

Board exams  follow the syllabus that has been prescribed in NCERT – we always recommend to complete the NCERT books and then back that up fully with prescribed help books to complete your Top-Notch board preparations

Connect with us on or call 88602 42713/78348 99327 to hear from our Top-Notch faculty for books that you may consider for best results.

  1. Solve maximum past year exam papers

That’s one of the best followed tip to beat the board exam blues and come out with flying colors. Practicing & preparing on past year papers not only help you to understand the typical style and method of paper but also boosts your confidence when you appear for your boards. It will help identify the areas of difficulty which you should sort out with your faculty

This  will help us to know about the new syllabus and changes in the exam pattern for X & XII CBSE board exams.Read our other blogs to have more clarity on this

  1. Timely & adequate revisions

Nothing beats a well revised mind!

We always tell students, to leave time for at-least 2-3 full revisions, followed by 3-5 part- revisions – part revisions is for the chapters which carry potentially high marks or are tricky and needs higher coverage. It’s an art to manage your revision plans, but we will be happy to share that with all.

  1. Relax & believe in your abilities

Finally, the most important tip is to not take stress & relax. If you have prepared well and given your 100%, then that’s it! You only have that in mind and should not think beyond that – just try and focus on constructive thought and work towards that.

Trust your capability and ability to crack boards, just like you would have done in the past.


Boards are like any other exams – that’s the truth. It’s just that we need to prepare well, smartly, timely and constructively to avoid any last moment hushing. Trust your ability and go full throttle to crack the exams well.

We encourage students to approach Top-Notch faculty &  team to  discuss and understand further how you could build up on the above tips.

Contact us on or call us on 88602 42713/78348 99327 to hear more from us. We look forward to support you!

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