In the past two to three decades we have not observed anything impacting the mankind more than the Corona Virus. We all know it all started with a small city of Wuhan in China but today almost 180+ countries have been impacted by this deadly virus globally.

Corona Virus has altered the global functioning and people are still learning & wondering how the new world will look like after this goes. In India, we see the impact of the virus fully taking up now with lockdowns declared in the entire country and precautions being undertaken to make sure we minimize the safety issues and loss of life.

In this difficult period, we all need to play our roles effectively, therefore at Top-Notch Tutorials we had already started executing the precautions directed by the government & have been trying to educate our students/ & their parents about what they need to do and things to be avoided. Our post below clearly talks about our preparations to take on this virus:

CORONA Safety Measures


Having said that, in the matter of weeks, it has changed our education industry and with the institutes being closed till April 14th, 2020 (which may be extended), we all need to be innovative around how we make sure this has limited impact on studies and overall session preparations.

Keeping that in mind, Top-Notch Tutorials has swiftly moved and adopted technology to the full – with all our assignments, study material, online assessments, recorded lectures and classes to go live on our mobile app ‘Top-Notch Tutorials’ (download our app from Google Play Store to know more!).

We have been working closely with our faculty, students, their parents & technology partners to make sure the new session runs smoothly. Considering our experience and looking at the current scenario, we envision this will be the new norm where students will want a balance of offline and online classes, and keep the institutes also ready in the event of any aftershocks of Corona or other unforeseen developments since we cannot allow learning to stop.


We have been receiving multiple calls & emails daily from parents asking about sessions and how we are tackling the new developments. Feel free to connect with us in case you also have any queries, write on or call us on 88602 42713/78348 99327 to know more about any question that you have on mind.


Please do follow the prescribed precautions, and stay safe & healthy!


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