For both the Science and Commerce streams of the CBSE class 12 Board Exam, mock test series in a coaching institute in Dwarka can be helpful. Students can evaluate their level of preparation and pinpoint areas for development with the use of these exams, which are made to mimic the actual exam environment. For students in the Science and Commerce streams in class 12, Top-Notch Tutorials offers organized, in-depth instruction and practice exams to help them excel in the board exam and pass the admission exam. Additionally, by creating an end-to-end chapter mapping to the CBSE class 12 board syllabus, we streamline the learning process.

Effective strategies from Top-Notch Tutorials for good marks

  • Experienced faculty members

Top-Notch Tutorials is a one-stop shop for comprehensive exam preparation, offering qualified instructors with degrees in various subjects. Our faculty members have a range of experience from 5 to 21 years and hold either a B.Tech in engineering, a PhD, or a postgraduate degree.

  • Focus on clearing basic concepts

Our teaching approach uses a real-world example and visual aids to help students understand concepts. We provide a customized learning software that allows you to learn at any time and from any location. One-on-one instruction helps you understand a subject better and dispels any questions you may have. In order to guarantee that every student gets attention, class sizes are limited to 12 or 15 people every batch

  • Frequent tests

We provide unrestricted access to the most relevant mock tests which are conducted frequently for all the students to sharpen their minds and make them exam-ready.

  • Exceptional study material

We offer comprehensive study materials that include topic videos, practice tests, workbooks, revision tests, and other educational resources. Our study material also includes tests.

Importance Of Mock Test Series

Mock tests are conducted frequently in various coaching institutes but the way Top-Notch Tutorials conducts these mock tests are totally different. Understanding the basic needs of mock tests in coaching institutes, we conduct them to make students sharp and skillful. Importance of mock tests are:

  • Mock tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses

You may determine which subjects you understand well and which ones you still need to work on by taking a mock exam. You can use this information to concentrate your study efforts on the areas that require development. When you sit in a real exam, you already know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mock tests replicate the actual testing setting

You can get a sense of the real test by taking a mock one. You can work on time management, test anxiety, and answering under time constraints. These skills become extremely helpful when you sit in real exams. Since you have been through the real time scenario already, the nervousness, tension and anxiety do affect you in the real exam.

  • You can build test-taking strategies by using mock exams

You can experiment with different approaches to answering questions when you take part in mock exams for class 12 science and class 12 commerce to see which ones work best for you. When taking the test, this can make you feel more prepared and confident.

  • You can monitor your progress by using mock tests

By taking practice exams on a regular basis, you can assess your progress over time. This might support your motivation and goal-focused persistence. By analyzing your performance with every mock test, the experienced faculty members of Top-Notch Tutorials help you analyze your performance and suggest things that you can improve in the future tests.

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