In the past few weeks ever since we have taken up online classes aggressively, there have been multiple additions that we did in our infrastructure and student collaboration process to ensure smooth running of the classes.

In my last blog, I specifically shared how our faculty has actively managed to change their daily functioning and adopted the best practices for conducting online classes. Today, my focus will be to showcase more insights around our online system in detail to our readers and invite them to join us for demos.


  1. Live video conference

We always believe in adopting things which are Top-Notch, just like our institute’s name. In case of online classes also we are the only institute offering three modes of conducting online video classes through our mobile app and student portal.

We ensure every student is part of our online classes even if they don’t have a smart phone and classes could be joined over our student portal. Come and explore our system.


  1. Recorded lectures for conducted classes

Considering we have put amazing load on internet and technology in the past 4-6 weeks, and there have been instances where our students face issues of breaking connection or connectivity, we share recorded lectures for all our classes with them to ensure if there is any issue in internet or for any reason students missed any part of the class then they could revisit those lectures.


  1. Online assignments & test series

As a follow-up to the online lectures, we share online assignments, home work and test series in Google classroom with all our students to be on top of their preparation and classes.


  1. Monthly Online PTMs

As briefly covered in my last blog, our faculty is not only active in taking online lectures but also conducting online PTMs with parents across courses and try & keep them aware about the student progress, challenges and areas of opportunity.


  1. Online Feedbacks

This is most important aspect of anything that we introduce in Top-Notch Tutorials, i.e. to access and take real time feedback from our students, parents and even faculty – this is what helps us improve and realize our bigger vision. Please do read my earlier blog in the month (April’20) which emphasizes on feedback on online classes and infrastructure from our esteemed students.


As you may observe, I have given a complete account of online adoption in Top-Notch Tutorials and how the faculty is using it maximum in my past blog (do read that here

We invite all our readers & their parents to contact us in case have additional queries around the above, write us to on or call us on 8860-2427-13 to know more or in case have any questions around our faculty, courses, online classes etc.

Please do follow the prescribed health regime, and stay safe & healthy during COVID-19!

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