Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 11 Science

The physics, chemistry, math, and biology you studied in class eleven are very different from the subjects you studied in class ten. Of course there will be a significant rise in the difficulty level. The Class 11 syllabus now includes new chapters, concepts, and subjects, resulting in a deeper comprehension of the material.

Class 11 requires a lot more theory, math, and visualisation expertise than Class 10 does. Furthermore, the exam questions are no longer straightforward. As a result, one must plan accordingly and must get into the CBSE coaching institute in Dwarka for a complete CBSE Class 11 PCMB preparation.

Let’s see how to do it – 


Giving it your all is crucial now that you’ve decided to pursue science as your field of study in the future. As a result, we are providing you with comprehensive advice and methods for preparing for and succeeding in the Class 11 Science stream.

Study tips for Class 11 Science Stream

Plan correctly 


Start with Physics

The curriculum you have been studying since Class 10 and earlier in school is fundamentally different from the curriculum for any stream, including science. The mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology curricula are much more sophisticated than what you have previously studied in school. Science was a minor subject in school, but in higher secondary, you’ll have to take everything seriously. Additionally, Class 11 Science requires a lot more application of theory, formula, and visualisation skills than Class 10 Science. As a result, you should truly plan ahead. Also, the first step is to begin creating a thorough study plan for Class 11 Science.


Then go to Chemistry

Refer to the Class 11 NCERT Chemistry texts. Know every idea, subject, mechanism, procedure, and reaction. Notedown key terms, succinct explanations, illustrations, equations, and formula. Otherwise, you’ll forget the reactions and equations you’ve been practising.


Next is Biology 

Read the concepts in the Biology textbook for Class 11 NCERT in detail. Answer questions after finishing each topic. Both the theory and the questions should be revised frequently. Make a note of important scientific terms, flowcharts, diagrams, and brief descriptions so you won’t forget anything.


Go for Mathematics next

Simply write down the formulas for a subject, understand what they mean, and practise how to deduce them. To comprehend the procedures for solving problems, read through the solutions.

The most essential subject is science, thus you must follow the preparation advice above carefully if you want to do well in this stream and succeed in science.

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