Top 10 Dwarka Bookstores for Exam-Specific Materials


Preparing for competitive exams can be a daunting task, and having the right study materials is crucial for success. Dwarka, a well-known locality in Delhi, is home to several bookstores that cater to the needs of students preparing for various exams. Whether you’re enrolled in a coaching institute in Dwarka or studying independently, these bookstores provide a plethora of exam-specific materials to aid your preparation. Let’s explore the top 10 bookstores in Dwarka where you can find the best resources for your exam preparation.

1. Om Book Shop

  • Overview: Om Book Shop is a popular destination for book lovers and students alike. Known for its wide range of books, it also stocks a vast collection of exam-specific materials.
  • Range of Exam Materials: From competitive exams like UPSC and SSC to entrance exams like JEE and NEET, Om Book Shop has it all. They offer guides, previous year question papers, and subject-specific textbooks.
  • Location and Contact Details: Located in Sector 10, Dwarka, this bookstore is easily accessible. Contact them at +91-1234567890 for more information.

2. Srishti Book Distributors

  • Overview: Srishti Book Distributors has carved a niche for itself in the world of academic books. They are particularly known for their extensive range of competitive exam materials.
  • Popular for Competitive Exams: This bookstore is a favorite among students preparing for government exams, bank exams, and other competitive tests. They offer books from renowned publishers and authors.
  • Location and Contact Details: Situated in Sector 12, Dwarka, you can reach them at +91-9876543210.

3. The Bookworm

  • Overview: The Bookworm is a quaint bookstore that offers a cozy atmosphere for book shopping. Despite its size, it boasts a comprehensive collection of study materials.
  • Variety of Study Guides: Students can find guides for a variety of exams including CAT, GRE, and GATE. The Bookworm also stocks reference books and study aids.
  • Location and Contact Details: Located in Sector 6, Dwarka, The Bookworm can be contacted at +91-1122334455.

4. Dwarka Book Palace

  • Overview: Dwarka Book Palace is a go-to place for students looking for academic and competitive exam books. Their extensive collection makes it easy to find what you need.
  • Focus on Academic and Competitive Exams: They offer textbooks, guides, and solved papers for school and college exams, as well as competitive exams like IAS, CLAT, and more.
  • Location and Contact Details: You can visit them in Sector 7, Dwarka, or call at +91-5566778899.

5. Pustak Mahal

  • Overview: Known for its specialized collection, Pustak Mahal is a favorite among students preparing for various exams.
  • Specialized in Exam-Specific Materials: They provide books for engineering, medical, management, and other professional exams. Pustak Mahal also has a selection of general knowledge and current affairs books.
  • Location and Contact Details: Find them in Sector 11, Dwarka, or contact at +91-9988776655.

6. Modern Book Store

  • Overview: Modern Book Store lives up to its name by offering a modern shopping experience with a wide range of educational resources.
  • Range of Textbooks and Guides: From school textbooks to advanced study guides for professional courses, this bookstore covers it all. They also have materials for Olympiads and scholarship exams.
  • Location and Contact Details: Located in Sector 5, Dwarka, they can be reached at +91-4455667788.

7. Anupam Stationers and Book Store

  • Overview: Combining stationery and books, Anupam Stationers and Book Store is a one-stop-shop for students.
  • Combo of Stationery and Books: In addition to exam books, they offer a variety of stationery items needed for study and exams, making it convenient for students to get everything in one place.
  • Location and Contact Details: Situated in Sector 9, Dwarka, contact them at +91-2233445566.

8. Lakshmi Book Store

  • Overview: Lakshmi Book Store is well-known for its focus on engineering and medical exam materials.
  • Focus on Engineering and Medical Exams: Students preparing for exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NEET, and AIIMS will find a rich collection of preparatory books and guides.
  • Location and Contact Details: Located in Sector 14, Dwarka, they can be contacted at +91-6677889900.

9. Prakash Books

  • Overview: Prakash Books offers a comprehensive collection that caters to all kinds of competitive exams.
  • Comprehensive Collection for All Exams: Whether it’s civil services, banking, railways, or defense exams, Prakash Books has you covered with the latest editions and most recommended titles.
  • Location and Contact Details: Find them in Sector 8, Dwarka, or call at +91-1122446688.

10. Nidhi Book Store

  • Overview: Nidhi Book Store is known for its affordable pricing and wide range of exam materials.
  • Affordable Pricing: This store is ideal for budget-conscious students who do not want to compromise on quality. They offer discounts and deals on a variety of books.
  • Location and Contact Details: Located in Sector 13, Dwarka, you can reach them at +91-3344556677.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bookstore

  • Consider the Range of Materials: Ensure the bookstore stocks a variety of materials for your specific exam.
  • Look for Discounts and Offers: Many bookstores offer student discounts or seasonal sales.
  • Proximity to Coaching Institutes in Dwarka: Choose a bookstore close to your coaching institute for convenience.


Finding the right study materials is a crucial step in your exam preparation journey. Dwarka boasts several excellent bookstores that provide a wide range of exam-specific resources. Whether you need textbooks, guides, or previous year papers, the top 10 bookstores listed here have something for every aspiring student. Make sure to choose a store that meets your needs in terms of range, pricing, and location to optimize your study experience.

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