One of the seven oldest religious cities in the nation, Dwarka is one of the four most important Hindu religious sites. In addition to maintaining its historical, religious, and cultural significance today, the city has made significant strides in the area of education. Not just there are many coaching centres in Dwarka, but there are some top schools as well. Let’s have a look at the list –


DPS, Dwarka

DPS Dwarka was started as a different school inside the Delhi Public School Society and has since grown to be among the top schools in Dwarka. The school, which was built on 9.64 acres, has fantastic amenities for the kids. They include the cafeteria, computer labs, auditorium, school clinic, and library. Students are also encouraged to participate in athletics at the school. It also contains a playground and a swimming pool. The school also encourages extracurricular activities, and its students participate in talent performances, competitions, and holiday festivities. 


Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10

Venkateshwar International School was founded by the Sri Venkateshwar Education Society. The school has developed over the past 20 years to rank among the best in Dwarka. Students at the school have access to a wide range of infrastructure resources. It features a library, two computer laboratories, an auditorium, art rooms, home science rooms, theatre rooms, chemistry, biology, physics, and math labs, as well as two theatre rooms. It also has a multipurpose yoga hall. The school also features an athletics track, basketball court, soccer field, tennis court, swimming pool, and cricket practise nets to encourage studentsto participate in sports. 


Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18

Following the success of Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10, Sh. Raj Pal, the founder of the Venkateshwar Group of Schools, opened Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18. It has progressed to become one of Dwarka’s top schools, much like its predecessor. The school features cutting-edge labs, smart classrooms, and sports facilities for tennis, cricket, swimming, and other activities. Additionally, the school promotes extracurricular participation in the arts, music, dance, and theatre. 


Bal Bharati Public School

One of the top schools in Dwarka is Bal Bharati Public School. The school’s mission is to educate all members of society holistically and without bias or discrimination. It has a health centre, computer labs, smart classrooms, a library, and labs for physics, chemistry, biology, arithmetic, and geography. The school also has the necessary facilities for sports like gymnastics, football, cricket, judo, long jump, high jump, and shot put, among others. The Microsoft Club, the Eco Club, the Consumer Awareness Club, and the Space Club are just a few of the clubs that students can join. 


Indraprastha International School

One of Dwarka’s top schools is Indraprastha International School. The school offers access to labs, an infirmary, a library, and modern classrooms. Students participate in interschool and intraschool competitions in the areas of fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, and athletics, and the school also supports extracurricular activities. Additionally, students have the option of joining organisations like those for athletics, music, robotics, and photography. Additionally, the school collaborates with institutions abroad. They work together on initiatives including Waste Management, Journey of Independence, Climate and Global Issues, and Cyber Security.


ITL Public School

One of the top schools in Dwarka is ITL Public School. Students at the school have access to a wide range of infrastructure resources. The facility includes a hospital, library, chemistry, physics, biology, math, computer, and language labs. Additionally, it features a swimming pool and a theatre. Students can join a variety of clubs at the school, including the computer club, heritage club, MUN club, commerce club, science club, social service club, sports club, math club, debate club, art club, dance club, quiz club, environmental club, and publication club.


Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Sec 10 

As one of the best schools in Dwarka, it offers a library, well-ventilated classrooms, computer labs, language labs, math labs, and science labs in addition to a play area. For pupils who are interested in joining the corps, the institution also offers the NCC. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and intra- and inter-school competitions by the school. 


Mount Carmel School

There has been a Mount Carmel School in Dwarka for more than 20 years. It is a well-known institution and has frequently ranked among Dwarka’s top universities. Academics are highly valued at the school, and pupils consistently achieve high test scores. The pupils can participate in a variety of clubs. They are The Riddler’s List, Mathemagic, Aeromodelling, Re-Leaf, and Cultural Club. The school promotes extracurricular participation, and those who are interested can participate in a variety of intra and interschool activities.


NK Bagrodia Public School, Sector 4

It is one of Dwarka’s premier schools and offers outstanding amenities on its 4-acre campus. It has a language lab, a general science lab, labs for physics, chemistry, biology, and arithmetic, three computer labs, a library, a multipurpose hall, an art room, a yoga arena, a sports room, an infirmary, and an Atal Tinkering Lab. The school promotes sports and has facilities for them, including an Olympic-sized pool, courts for badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, skating, a football/hockey field, a gymnastics arena, and a t.t. arena. Additionally, the school arranges many workshops, seminars, trips, and tours for students so they can learn outside of the classroom.


NK Bagrodia Public School, Sector 17

The school’s outstanding infrastructure makes it one of Dwarka’s top schools. The school contains modern classrooms, a library, labs for biology, chemistry, and arithmetic, as well as labs for English, computer science, and math. The school encourages kids to participate in extracurricular activities including sports. Competitions between and within schools pit students against one another. The school also arranges trips, workshops, and seminars. Additionally, students can join clubs including the literature club, the health and wellness club, the math club, the creative club, and the social science club.


Sachdeva Global School

Smart classrooms, labs for math, physics, computers, robotics, and English, a library, a canteen, and an emergency room are some of the features. The school provides both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, including those for table tennis, chess, carrom, football, basketball, gymnastics, yoga, and skating. Additionally, the school encourages students to compete in intra- and inter-school competitions in the performing, visual, and fine arts as well as athletics.


BGS International Public School

Students have access to a wide range of infrastructure resources. Numerous classrooms, a library, computer and science labs, a dance studio, a music studio, and a cafeteria are all present. There are other sporting facilities there as well, including ones for tennis, cricket, basketball, and football. Competitions between schools and within schools are encouraged for students to participate in. For its pupils, it also arranges field trips, seminars, and workshops.


RD Rajpal School

It provides pupils with a wide range of extracurricular activities as one of the leading schools in Dwarka. The IT Club, Eco Club, Astronomy Club, Photography Club, Sports Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Science Club, Political Science Club, Cultural Club, Language Club, Career Club, and Creative Art Club are just a few of the clubs that students can join. Students can participate in a variety of intraschool and interschool activities here.


Shanti Gyan International Boarding School, Sector 19

The school contains cutting-edge classrooms, labs, a library, a hospital, and a café. It also has a children’s playground, a swimming pool, courts for basketball, tennis, football, and other sports, as well as an indoor sports complex with equipment for table tennis and other sports. For students who would rather reside on campus, SGIBS also offers hostel accommodations. Additionally, the pupils participate in intraschool and interschool competitions in a variety of sports.


The Indian Heights School

From a library, a life skills lab, a language lab, a computer lab, a science lab, an EVs lab, a math lab, an astronomy lab, a yoga and meditation centre, an art and craft studio, a counselling centre, a cafeteria, an activity zone for indoor sports, and facilities for outdoor sports like a splash pool, skate park, lawn tennis court, basketball court, football field, handball court, martial arts court, and volleyball court –  this is one of the finest ones in Dwarka.


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