While we observe the trend for online education and e-learning going up and students/ parents opting for that with multiple institutes also providing virtual routes, we at Top-Notch Tutorials still consider the classroom teaching to be the best way of learning.

We may take back-up studies through e-learning channel but to build a strong foundation of overall student development & concepts there is no alternate to classroom teaching. There are whole set of studies by different institutes and researchers who also firmly believe that classroom teaching makes a student smart and more expressive.

Below we have covered a set of pro’s that we attach with classroom teaching based on our experience which e-learning may find difficult to replace:

  1. Helps build strong concepts

Classroom teaching is designed such that students can ask relevant question timely and are not left for self assessment and understanding. The teachers focus majorly on building concepts with option to take up doubts in/outside class in person. This is limited with online teaching.

  1. Helps build discipline & organizational skills

It’s important that we inculcate discipline in our wards from day 1 of life since those who miss that struggle in the long run. Students learn to maintain timelines, attend classes in time, complete tests and mocks in stipulated time which is highly missing in e-learning since that depends on students whims and wishes.

  1. Interactive sessions with modulations

Faculty in the classroom can modulate the study pattern and syllabus coverage in accordance with students grasping power. Relevant examples and spontaneous questions in the classroom helps create an interactive environment which could be customized based on the need of the hour.

  1. Enable collaborative learning

Students learn from their peers and have a tendency to check for doubts, solved materials, different techniques etc. outside being taught by the teachers. Note sharing and preparations techniques help students to learn how to collaborate with others – which goes in their long term overall development.

  1. Help build personality and boost confidence

Proper classroom teaching techniques and faculty involvement helps students build personality where when they are asked to present in a class they learn the techniques of gaining confidence while preparing to organize their answers and material. This is trait which is required at every stage of our life in personal and professional career in the long term.


While technology is changing daily and it’s for good! At Top-Notch Tutorials we understand the balance that we need to strike between human touch and online techniques. Online studies could supplement classroom teaching but ideally could not be an alternate for that considering the number of positives attached to it.

We welcome all our readers and potential students to come back to us with their thoughts or queries around the above or any subject matter in their course preparation and our team shall help without any charges.

We don’t charge for making positive difference to our students & society.

Contact us on contact@topnotchtutorials.com or call on 88602 42713/78348 99327.

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